Welcome to Duncan's Camp


 A relaxed one hour 30 minutes, drive from Maun towards Moremi Game Reserve allows the first taste of the Okavango Delta. The five kilometre

track to the camp has patches of soft sand and will require a 4X4,

particularly in the dry season, June to November.

The call of a Fish eagle above the Gomoti Lagoon, the bush, the desert

sand, the familiar sound of a hippo grunt and sharp crack of a branch

being broken by an Elephant nearby alerts you to your true wilderness location. The rustic simplicity of the Camp is deliberate, yet comfort, cleanliness and affordability are key. Botswana needs to be more

accessible to the average passionate about wildlife traveller to whom

the 5 Star lodges will remain but a dream.

A distant whoop of a Hyena washes across the deck with the cool breeze

off the water as the orange glow of the sun sets below the horizon.

The decision of using the fully catered facility vs the self-catering option

is now being debated by the family as they see mouth-watering starters

being served on the dining deck.

Duncan’s Camp offers the option as self-catered or have the staff

provide a fully serviced Dinner, bed and breakfast option.

The choice is yours, just let us know when booking.

A short 20 minute drive from the camp takes you through the Mowana vet fence and into the concession areas before South Gate. The position of the camp thus perfectly positioned to do day drives to Xakanaxa, Boudematau and Khwai. It is also close enough to Maun should you require a few things from town. The temptation, however to just relax in camp, do a bit of catch and release fishing on the lagoon (beware of Hippos and crocs), spend the day bird watching or taking a guided walk in the wilderness might

overcome the need to move.


Revive your soul, spend a week at Duncan’s Camp.


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